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Project Description

Punta Mita Hospital Services for Residents and the Punta de Mita Community

The Punta Mita Hospital is continues to update all current services procedures and protocols to the highest level of efficiency and security for our patients. For Punta Mita Hospital , our patients are the most important and for this reason, we strictly following the necessary measures and protocols in our facilities and carrying out daily check-ups on all our staff for everyone’s safety.

Punta Mita Hospital wants to remind the community, locals and visitors our presence, reinforcing our desire to serve them and commitment to take care of their health and well-being. To face this contingency with qualified staff and the required equipment such as:

  • Intensive care ambulances equipped with ventilator and isolation stretcher
  • Respiratory Diseases Unit in an isolated sector and separated from the main building and with a specific protocol
  • 4 suite bedrooms equiped with intensive care unit beds and ventilators, ( however in total 17 beds and 7 non-invasive ventilators masks allocated in diferente areas of the Hospital such as ER, UCI, OR etc)
  • Videolaryngoscopy equipment
  • CT Scan with 64 slices
  • Lung Ultrasound
  • Cardiology Diagnostic Unit with complete cardiac monitors

Our Pharmacy remains open to assist you filling your prescriptions and to continue your treatments throughout your stay and if you request it, We have home delivery service available at an additional cost. With the IV Therapies, strengthen the immune system with this multivitamin rich in electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamins a, b, c, d and folic acid and helps to keep it hydrated (US150) attached find more information. In addition, the application of antibody tests for COVID19 is available and takes 10-15 min with immediate results (US 150 ).

I’m also sharing here the quick guide to detecting symptoms or indicators of Covid-19 syou can receive treatment in a timely manner https://puntamitahospital.com/es/covid-19-assessment/. Please have in mind that this link is a suggestion/indication tool for your convenience and is not a test or a diagnosis.

Finally, we want to advise you that we are the best equipped hospital in the area. We stand ready and able to provide any and all medical services that you will require in all contingencies but especially to fight cases of COVID-19. The health, safety and security of our patients are our prime focus.