//The IV Punta Mita Pacific Cup: Punta Mita vs Colonial – January, 2019  
The IV Punta Mita Pacific Cup: Punta Mita vs Colonial – January, 2019  2019-01-31T01:59:19+00:00

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The IV Punta Mita Pacific Cup: Punta Mita vs Colonial – January, 2019

Earlier this week Punta Mita hosted a 12 man team from The Colonial Country Club for what was the 3rd match between the two Clubs. With beautiful weather and both courses in beautiful shape both teams were eager to win and take a 2-1 lead in what has become a competitive yet fun event for all those that have participated be it here in Punta Mita or at the Colonial. Many of the team from Colonial brought their wives who enjoyed the St Regis where they were all staying , an afternoon whale watching with Punta Mita Expeditions, a cooking class at Las Marietas 302 Condo by Chef David from Pacifico Beach Club and fun and delicious dinners for both teams at Pacifico Beach Club & Sufito as well a dinner at Punta de Mita classic Si Señor.

John McIntyre the Punta Mita captain 1st day pairing work very well and after day 1 on Pacifico, Punta Mita team led 10-8 in the 2 ball best ball format played on the Pacifico Golf Course with the following results:

Brendan W / Doug Haas Win  3-0

Etienne / Mark Campbell  Win  2 1/2 – 1/2

Carl E / Hal Martin Win  2 1/2 – 1/2

Marcelo L / JP Stone Draw 1 1/2 – 1 1/2

Luis Ituarte / Christian R Loss 1/2 – 2 1/2

John Mc / Chuck Latham Loss 0-3

Day 2 was an afternoon tee off on Bahia Course with the greens running at 11.5 and a Punta Mita team confident of extending their lead as a result of their “local course” knowledge. Alas it was not mean to be as the Colonial boys proved to be strong on the day in the individual match play  taking day 2 by 23 points to 13 and the Win with a total 31 – 23 points. The Walrus Craig Stadler was on course as a special honoree guest and played 2 shots for each player on both days mostly lending a hand with his shots which made it a unique outing for all participating. So the Colonial wins the Pacific Cup and now commands a 2-1 lead in the series. Punta Mita returns to Colonial in October 2019 thirsty for revenge.

Results of the individual matches Day 2 were:

  1. Etienne W (pm) draw vs John Nash 1 ½ pts each
  2. Carl E (pm) lost vs Wesdon Bender 2 ½ pts to 0.5 pts
  3. Luis Ituarte (pm) draw vs Derek Kellogg 1 ½ points each draw
  4. John McIntyre (pm) lost to Andrew Prime 3 to 0
  5. Brendan Wood (pm) def Dow Finsterwald 3 to 0
  6. Chuck Latham (pm) draw vs. Danny Nichols 1 ½ pts each
  7. Mark Campbell (pm) draw vs  Aaron Grieshaber 1 ½ pts each
  8. Marcelo Lopez (pm) lost to Mitch McCoy 3 to 0
  9. Hal Martin (pm) draw vs. Todd Fitzgerald 1 ½ pts each
  10. Christian Rossetto (pm) draw vs Andrew Porteus 1 ½ pts each
  11. Doug Hass (pm) lost to Brad Johnston 2 ½ pts to 0.5
  12. Juan Pablo Stone (pm) lost to Dan Roark 3 to 0

Team Captain John McIntyre thanks all the Punta Mita team for the spirit and effort shown over the 2 rounds for what was a memorable few days – as one Punta Mita team member said – we may have lost however they go back to Fortworth and we stay here in Punta Mita – wise words! Kudos for Shane and all his team for having the courses in such great shape – many of the visiting team have been to Punta Mita before and mentioned this is the best they have seen the greens and the course in general – so well done Golf Team. Aaron and the Colonial team we salute and congratulate you on your well deserved victory – we hope  “you al” had a great few days as did your wives. It was our pleasure to host you here in Punta Mita and we look forward to our visit to the Colonial later this year.

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