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The COVID-19 World from Punta Mita, by John Mac

I offer my warmest greetings to each of you, and the continued hope that each of you and your families are healthy, safe, and comfortable during this extended health and economic crisis.

For those of us spending our time here at Punta Mita, I feel strongly this experience has brought us even closer together.  We have all adapted to changed circumstances and I think everyone greatly appreciates the opportunity to get outside daily to walk, ride bikes, play golf and tennis, or otherwise enjoy our safe and quiet corner of the world.

But the crisis affects us all, to be certain.  Here in the Banderas Bay heightened safety protocols include roadblocks to verify an essential purpose for being on the roads, mandatory face masks, roadside temperature checks, and widespread closures similar to other countries, including all beaches.  The windswept beauty of desolate beaches is an oddly beautiful site to see within our usually bustling community.

I want to take a quick moment to recognize and applaud the community outreach efforts of our Dine team and our local PEACE and Punta de Mita Foundation organizations.  Together they are providing food packages and other critical supplies for up to 600 families weekly.  The coordination between local grocers and volunteers is truly amazing.  It is another example of the tight bond between the Punta Mita development community and our surrounding Punta de Mita family.  Please contact Carl Emberson if you are interested in assisting these efforts.

It’s difficult to look too far forward right now, but the Golf Committee, Carl, and I have reviewed our upcoming year and plan to move forward with intentionality.  Our planning is based on the hope that all our lives, and the world in general, are able to find some sense of normalcy and a path forward by the time most of you normally plan to return to our southern paradise in October/November.  Updates and calendar will be forthcoming as soon as possible.

Modified Golf Club Policies and Protocols at the to Address COVID-19

As we continue to monitor and adapt to changing conditions the below recommendations and procedural changes are in effect as of Tuesday, April 21stThese protocols are intended to keep both clients and staff as safe as possible by reducing contact points.  Our focus remains keeping the golf course and practice facility open by assuring we are operating safely

Golf Club Modifications:

  1. Additional hand sanitizer and other disinfectant materials available at all common locations—bathrooms, golf shop, staging area, and driving range.
  2. Tail of the Whale and halfway house CLOSED. F&B available by Pacifico Beach Club—either pick-up or delivery on the golf course.
  3. Golf Shop closed for retail, except necessities like golf balls, gloves, etc. Members may check-in verbally at the golf shop with acknowledgement by golf shop staff to assure smooth service.
  4. Paying clients may be greeted by golf shop staff outside the golf shop, credit card or other payment method established, and payment processed while they wait outside the golf shop.
  5. All rakes have been removed. Players may improve their lie in bunkers and are asked to smooth their marks and footprints.  Staff are reviewing bunkers and raking as possible throughout the day.
  6. All cups are outfitted foam cushions around the base of the pin for easy ball retrieval.
  7. ALL players must take their golf clubs with them, load their own bags both on and off our fleet carts.
  8. 1 player per cart, unless players live in the same house together.

Club Championship Update

The 2020 Club Championship did not take place on April 3rd-4th.  Our most recent Golf Committee meeting resulted in a tentative date for the event on November 6th-7th.  This will (hopefully) be the week prior to the 2020-21 Member-Member tournament and the 2020 Masters.

As always, please visit me or contact me at your convenience to discuss any aspect of the golf operation, tennis operation, or any other aspect of your experience here at Punta Mita.

Warm Regards,

John Mac – john.mcintyre@fourseasons.com

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