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Project Description

Surely the globes most celebrated national day is St. Patrick’s Day and we will celebrate it in true style in Punta Mita. This Saturday, March 17th from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm celebrate with us at Pacifico Beach Club. Everything from Irish traditional food, Guinness and music.

Dress Code: Green, green and more green It’s time to get IRISH!


  • Salad  Bar $100
  • Pacifico Beach Club Hamburgers  $150
  • Bratwurst Sausage with bread $100
  • Rollino Pizza $100
  • Roast Beef Sandwiches $100


  • Churros & Flan & Ice Creams $100

For more information and reservations please contact events@puntamita.com


  • Welcome drink $100
  • Margarita Patron $150
    • Silver
    • Reposado
  •  Beers $80                                                                               
    • Guiness
    • Grupo Modelo: Stella Artois, Corona, Corona Light, Pacifico, Pacifico light, Modelo Especial, Negra Modelo
    • Michelada verde
    • Cerveza Artesanal: Fortuna, Colimita, Allende, Saga y Osadía
  • Wine $150
    • San Felipe Malbec
    • De Cote Inedito Merlot
    • Cousiño Macul Sauvignon Blanc
    • Casa Madero Chardonnay
    • De Cote Rose
  • Sofdrinks $50
    • Coca Cola, Coca Light, Fresca, Sprite
    • Agua Mineral, Agua Natural

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