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Punta Mita Angels Announcement

The Punta Mita Angels Group is pleased to announce the addition of 5 more Angels to the group. Yvonne Boland, Lisa Brougham, Margaret Isberg, Diana Jacob and Leslie La Vie have all agreed to “give back” and be a part of this important organization in our community. Each of these women bring individual strengths and talents while sharing a belief in the Punta Mita Angels mission, vision, passion and commitment to continue making a positive difference in our Punta Mita community.

At the same time, we wish to acknowledge and sincerely thank Jane Grad and Sandy Howe for their outstanding community service. Jane and Sandy are two of the original founding Angels and have decided at this time to step down to become Angel Alumnae. Jane and Sandy have been with the group for more than 9 years. During that time, they have been strong financial supporters and also have given generously of their time to make every year’s luncheon fun and a great financial success, improving the fund raising goals every year. Also we want to thank Beth Fuller who will be leaving Punta Mita and has been an Angel for 2 years. Beth will be missed for her enthusiasm and continued loyalty to the local kinder where she worked to improve the conditions of the school, created a new kitchen and always available when we needed someone here during the summer. The original founding members who have not been involved for the past few years were Barbara McGregor, Catherine Schmidt and Sharon Siebens.

We are very pleased to report that Claire Newton, also a founding member, will remain and continue to be an active Angel so that the group moving forward will be well resourced.

Punta Mita Angels is a local group of dedicated individuals who, once a year, organize a fund raising luncheon. The Angels personally cover all the costs allowing 100% of all revenue generated to be directed to a community cause. Over the years, Punta Mita Angels have raised approximately $225,000. US and each year have set a new record thanks to the generosity of the luncheon attendees. Each year the Angels consult with the local, engaged members of the community and based on that process, projects are identified for funding.

The Angels have made a real difference in local education. As a result of the initial program to teach English in the schools (subsequently turned over to PEACE) 1200 children are now speaking English in 10 schools. While retaining their native language is very important, practically speaking, English is in fact the key to opening most doors for a better job opportunity in this tourist community.

The group has accomplished many of its goals with the help of their luncheon friends’ support. For 2 years, the Angels funded a support group for children and adults with emotional and abuse issues. They have also provided much needed repairs and supplies to the local health clinic in Emiliano Zapata. They have provided 2 kinders with funds to update and maintain the school. They made a generous donation to the new Prepa school built in 2016/17. The Angels also readily funded various projects brought to their attention which while not requiring a lot of funds, were greatly appreciated by the recipients.

The Angels’ roles are not just limited to the provision of funds but each Angel remains active in assessing and assuring all funds are utilized properly providing the maximum benefit to local families.

For further information about the Angels or the upcoming luncheon, contact Yvonne Boland at yboland@rogers.com

– Sandy Howe

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