//New equipment now available in the Punta Mita Hospital
New equipment now available in the Punta Mita Hospital 2018-10-26T23:01:09+00:00

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New equipment now available in the Punta Mita Hospital

The  Punta Mita Hospital is  thrilled to announce  the opening  of its new Intensive Care Unit. This 24 hrs Specialized Care in the hospital provides medical  intensive treatment to patients with severe and life-threatening illnesses and injuries, who require constant, close monitoring  by a the internal specialist and support from specialized equipment and medications, all the previous  available on-site,  in order to ensure normal bodily functions.

We must  remember the  Punta Mita Hospital  is one  of  the few Hospital in the area with Emergency Physicians, they and the Specialist Nurses are highly trained in caring for critically ill patients.

Also a brand new 64 slides Siemens CT Scan has been set and placed since last monthone of the most advanced CT scans in Bahía de Banderas, able to diagnose abdominal, cardiac and brain conditions and offering evaluations on strokes, coronary angiograms, stomach or pelvic lesions and all normal diagnostic testing required by a CT scan within moments.

Soon to come…

Furthermore, Punta Mita Hospital  continue with unrelenting efforts to improve their facilities and services  for  Punta Mita community and surrounding areas  and in the  following months  they  will  open a Cardiology Department with the following services:

  • Echocardio – Doctors will be able to look at patients heart’s structure and check how well his  heart’s functions.
  • Stress Test – It helps the patient and the doctor to  decide if you need more tests or medicines for your heart, or if a pacemaker is necessary or cardioversion procedure to restore a regular heart rhythm needs to be done
  • Cardiac Catheterization Lab –  Provides information on how well your heart works, identifies problems and allows for procedures to open blocked arteries.

Meanwhile additional hospital rooms  are being built inside the perimeter of the Hospital, for the comfort  and well-being of the hospitalized patients and as a response of  the health care of  the area.

For the community beyond Punta de Mita  a  Clinic in Mezcales  will be open for General Consultation on November. With this, the Punta Mita Hospital is aiming to provide health care to those who live in communities between Nayarit and Jalisco.

Membership Program

To ensure health and welfare of all Punta Mita Community the Punta Mita Hospital has launched  the Membership Program that guarantees top quality health care for you and your loved ones at your home away from home, as well as supporting the hospital in providing an open door for all those in need, 365 days a year. Below the options to become a member:

For more information about the Punta Mita Hospital please dial 329.688.0059

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