//Attentive Message from Punta Mita Master HOA
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Attentive Message from Punta Mita Master HOA

At Club Punta Mita and the Punta Mita Master HOA we are always watching over your safety, reason why we are sharing with you the following important message regarding local rules of the development created with no other purpose that keeping you safe.

The amount of Under Age Drivers continues to be a problem and we encourage all our Members to report via a photo or quick call any Children you see driving Golf Carts in Punta Mita. The HOA proactively polices the roads however the more we help avoiding this in the interest of the safety of all those in the community the better.

At the same time and also with the security and well being of our Members in mind we plead to Members & their Guests to respect the Punta Mita Golf Club & HOA rules that the Golf Course is an area only for Golfers playing golf and is not a walking path, jogging, dog walking or bike path nor a non golfing Golf Cart path. Again we encourage reporting to the HOA or simply informing the individual that they are out of bounds literally speaking

There has been an increasing amount of Members who invite guests from outside the Punta Mita gates to our Beach Clubs yet do not as the Club Rules stipulate accompany them – our Concierges have been informed that these guests will be asked to leave if within a certain time the Member has yet to accompany them. We apply this rule in the safety , interest and well being of all Members.

Respecting our neighbors is of utter importance in the community and we reach for support from our Members in ensuring all and respective vacation renters are aware of our β€œlocal” noise regulation which are in place.

The Bahia Surf Access program is an exclusive program for Punta Mita Club Members of record offering access to the Bahia Surf Break. All members of records interested in using this access must be pre-registered and in possession of a special access card. For more info, please contact the Master HOA office.

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