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Project Description

Adopt a Coral Punta Mita

Adopt a Coral Punta Mita is a project that began in 2010 and today over 500 colonies of coral have been replanted in Punta Mita.

Coral reefs have suffered a degradation in recent decades, which has been reflected in the loss in their coverage, and in the biodiversity associated with them. Due to the high economic, social and cultural value of these ecosystems, national and international efforts have been initiated in recent years, with the aim of initiating restoration programs that allow recovering part of the coral reef cover and with it, the goods and services they provide.

Throughout the years, various restoration techniques have been generated that mostly involve the introduction of substrate or artificial material to the coral system, techniques that use several phases of restoration, such as the initial phase in nurseries or crops (acclimatization and growth), and transplantation phase; although they have been successful so far, they entail a high economic cost, so it is necessary to use low cost techniques, easy monitoring and minimal impact for the site, using viable organisms that are obtained from natural processes such as asexual reproduction.

A successful restoration program requires inter-institutional collaboration among researchers, students, managers and non-governmental organizations dedicated to conservation; so the #adoptacoral experience tries to give a general knowledge to the different entities involved, with the purpose of contributing economic and human resources efforts that promote the maintenance of the coral communities of the region.

This summer in Punta Mita is the perfect opportunity to make a difference and support the cause –  check with our concierge to book this experience according to your choice, Hookah Diving, Scuba Diving or the PADI specialty.

Once you’ve planted your coral with your name, we will send you an annual report of its progress.

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